Never Say Love - Sarah Ashley

Never Say Love

Benito Pascal Abelli. Italian security professional by day. Playboy by night. “I love women, just not the same one all of the time!" Fearful of any kind of commitment or long term relationship, Benito refuses to take a steady girlfriend, preferring to play the “entertainment game” with his friends, a game in which he singles out a pretty girl to entertain for the night only to be let go the next morning, or sooner. Following a shock announcement by his father, Benito is sent to head the UK division of the family’s security business; he continues to play the game at each opportunity, until he picks out Lucy. There’s something about her, something that draws him to her, she’s certainly not like any of the girls he’s ever picked out before. Battling with his feelings not to be drawn into a relationship appears futile as he is convinced that what is developing is being orchestrated by a higher force. Going against all his principals he allows himself to begin what we all consider to be a normal relationship, but in the world of Benito Abelli surely this can’t happen? The business he now heads is profitable and growing, feathers are being ruffled, and competition suffers. Threats are issued and ultimately the thing that Benito values the most is taken from him, his worst fear and the very reason he refuses to commit or to love. In true Benito style, as we have learnt from The Alexandra Drake Series, nobody crosses an Abelli or any of their family – he will get back that which he regards as his, as part of his family. Those that hurt him, or threaten his family, will pay the ultimate price. The Abelli motto is “We look after our own in this family…” a motto that Benito will take to the limit.
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Author Sarah Ashley
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