Don't Be Too Polite, Girls - Wendy McCarthy

Don't Be Too Polite, Girls

Educator, activist, agent of change - the life and career of one of Australia's most influential women.'extraordinary'Georgie Dent'a trailblazing headline act'Sandra Sully'one of the great feminist superheroines'Jacqueline Maley'a pleasure and an education'Dr Anne Summers, AO'a national treasure'Dr Kerryn Phelps, AMWendy McCarthy has made her mark on Australia in many extraordinary ways. For more than 50 years, she has been on the leading edge of feminism and corporate and public life in this country and her trailblazing advocacy and leadership have made her a widely respected and revered figure. Wendy is a woman who shaped her times as much as she was shaped by them, and now, at 80 years of age, she shares her remarkable life and achievements, and the lessons she learned - and taught us all.From sheltered country schoolgirl to relentless campaigner for abortion and contraception, from passionate teacher to lifelong advocate for education...
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Author Wendy McCarthy
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